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                If AC is gonna make a pedal, you know we are gonna make it right. We have looked around to see what's out there - a lot of pedals but still room for improvement. Some are too thick so that they spin too freely, while others are too thin so that their bearings fail or they snap at the spindle. Some have replaceable pins...but how do you get at them?

                We looked at the best features of all the pedals out there - and there are some good ones - and tried to build them into one platform pedal at an affordable price. First, our pedal has a full 9/16" spindle for maximun strength. Each pedal  uses a combination of four roller and cartridge bearings for adjustible free spinning. We have a fully concave face in all planes so that the pedal can be used for racing and trail riding... and we have 36 fully replaceable and serviceable 4mm studs than can be adjusted from the backside of the pedal for each pin.  You can dial  just the surface traction you need. The best pedals are the ones you forget are there....


AC BMX Cage Pedal 

* 9/16" Spindle

* 4 cartridge bearings

* CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy

* wicked grip

* rugged and dependable